1. I absolutely LOVE that Glamglow mask, except it broke me out HORRIBLY. It really sucks bc it made my skin feel so good, but it broke me out all over my cheeks and forehead 😩

  2. Omg i just looove watching and learning about all kinds of just beautiful beauty products..i can like just curl up in my pillows n blankets n watch jaclyns videos all day…but im a mom..so i play her videos throughout the day as i do mommy duties..i love her personality and humour tbh her videos are my go to when im feeling down n out as well..she just lifts my spirit! 🙂

  3. Amazing skincare line is organic by Mija !! Can be found on Etsy seriously best skin care I’ve been tried and actually works and it’s all organic hand made by her (anne) I rave about this stuff to everyone it’s amazing!!!!

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