Moroccan Crumble Hash Wednesday

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  1. Hi! You should have called it : Hash FROM Morocco not Moroccan hash! There's no Moroccan weed anymore…I live in France where almost all the production is send…hash wasn't the same before middle 90's when a Pakistani guy married with a Moroccan girl bring some seeds from his region in the riff Mountain now we only get Pakistani X Moroccan (to be honest it increase quality taste texture so not a concern😉)
    If you do not believe what I say just watch Strainhunter Morocco expedition…they didn't find any 100% Moroccan plant(and with money there you should be able to find anything so no more pure Moroccan hash at all!)
    Maybe a few plants are in some big warehouse in Holland but only a few specimens…this plant will be very rare!
    Have a lifted one and lots of good vibes from France growers family

  2. Can someone please send remo some caramello, squidgy black or Nepalese black. Not that there is anything thong with Morockan hashs. Just for variety. [email protected] Remo. Next time your over in the eu pop over to Denmark head to freetown 😉 peace :

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