1. Ive been thru opiate addiction n i know people who have gotteb hooked on gabapentin i know mofos who shoot th8s up so wjy is this 8f its opuate cure

  2. These dosages are a bit low, but this stuff is great for w/d. I have an over 10 year addiction to opiates with last 5 on methadone. I understand you dont want anyone to take too much, but I took 1500 to 1800 mg (5-6 300mg capsules) to cut through the w/ds. Great stuff bro thanks for sharing this for anyone who it can help!

  3. You should look into TOPIRAMATE. Ihas helped me detoxed off of methadone. I went from 150mg to nothing after being on this for 10 years. It really has helped me. You should look into this. I take my dose at night. And topiramate is my normal medication. So I am not doing this as a short term thing. And I had no side effects. And when I decided I wanted to detox off methadone and wanted it out of my life I went 10 mg every 2 weeks until I was finished. Just wanted to help people. Topiramate can help a lot of people too.

  4. I'm gonna have to say again that Gabapentin worked AGAIN for Fentanyl Withdrawal. I took 5 to start , then 3 about 6 hours later. And then 3 every 4 hours. And I can concentrate on things without the depression and anxiety. It also made my legs stop kicking. And my appetite came back. I'm on day 2 and feeling ok
    This video is amazing Thank you

  5. When does Gabapentin stop working? When you become dependent on it? Been taking Gabapentin, 1300mg/day, for a year now for anxiety; and I don't feel anything. Is it working? I also take Subutex, 8mg, three times a day.

  6. This is bullshit gabapentin is a joke. I took it for opiate and benzo withdrawals and it didn't do a thing. Not a thing. Was still deathly sick. And I was on the max dose too. Don't listen to this shit. The only thing that will help a bit is kratom and even that doesn't always work depending on how bad a habit u got and how long since ur most recent opiate use. If u been sick for a few days and the drugs are mostly out ur system u should be able get relief from kratom. U may need alot at first to feel relief but u should be able to eventually taper down ur kratom use as u start feeling better

  7. Gabapebtin (at least 800mg, i took more, but still 800mg helped me a lot), or pregabalin (even better medication than gabapentin for withdrawal, you almost don't feel symptoms. For me at least 750 mg at the beginning. For both medications tolerance grows really quickly). I say to everyone i meet who wants to get clean from opiates, benzos or alcohol, to get gabapentin or pregabalin. They are a little addictive but it's easy to lower the dosage every few days, just like SSRI's.

  8. i've been taking narcotic pain meds for years and basically have to go through withrawals on a monthly basis.. it sucks… up until now ive luckily had access to buprenorphine (subutex. none of that suboxone crap with naloxone in it.) and it's amazing. not sure yet how it compares but im planning on getting off the narcs due to the "side effects" and switching over to lyrica/neurontin. we'll see if it helps the pain.

  9. I strongly urge people to research gabapentin before using it. It is also addictive especially to the body. It has ruined people's lives.
    For as many people that you say sing its praises I bet there are many more that that can tell you of their horror.

  10. Good Lord!!!! Withdrawal's Sucks Greatly!!! Gabapentin only made me so confused I didn't know what the heck was going on,Only Jesus can help with this 🙏👑🙏

  11. I have a question. Been 5 months very strong on Fentanyl up to 15 pills a day. The last week I have got down to 2 a day in quarter pieces every 4 or 6 hours. I wait until i feel the chills and then I take another quarter. My question is does anyone have experience with Gabapentin for Fentanyl. IF so when should I stop taking Fentanyl and start taking the Gabapentin? And does it work. Last night was the first time I slept in the last week. I am planning on getting down to 1 a day. Then .5 per day etc. How should I use Gabpentin in this situation?

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