How to harvest & process part 1 – hanging medical marijuana plants to dry and initial curring info

In this video I show you 3 plants that were just harvested moments earlier. I go over the temperatures and humiditys we maintain to properly dry and cure patient …


  1. lame….the state doesn't make you prove your hanging buds come from one plant or within plant kept them together for this video. liquor board has been to my house.never did I have to prove hanging buds came from my plant limit…

  2. I remove the branches from the water soaked staulks & hang to dry on strings, zig zaging the room with a fan going on for 10 minutes every hr. For 3 days. Triming as they cure. Then I place them on drying racks. I made a hanging drying rack our of 2×2 ft window screens, hanging under each other 6 inches apart with 4 chains. I place the trimmed buds on the screens and wrap with black&white plastic, black side in. I make sure the top has a 6-8 inch opening & the bottom is off the floor by 1 ft so the natural air movement is not hindered. For the next 3-4 days turn the buds on the screens for optimum curing and flavor. I knew some who just spread the trimmed buds on sheets of plywood! Not bad cure. 46 yrs O learning.

  3. Man! It seems like your harvesting every other day. Must be nice to have a rotation like yours. I wish I had that problem. Love your grows! Grower's Luv and happy growing!

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