Today I show you how to color grade in Final Cut Pro X without the use of any plug ins. Adjustment layers download : Further clarification for …


  1. Thank you so much for this video! I've been a YouTuber for 4 years (on a different channel than this account), and the whole time I've been scared to death of color correction, because every time I mess around with the color board in FCP X, I just seem to make things look worse. But I just went and played around with your method, using some clips from a previous project, and WOW, the difference is stunning.

    I like your style, man: direct, thorough, articulate but not pretentious. I'll definitely be watching more of your videos for further tips.

  2. Why did you choose to do the initial round of edits on with the "base correction" adjustment? It seems to be the same method as others have done when they edited the clip on the timeline itself. What's the reason or benefit of performing initial edits on the "base correction", and then creating the look on the "look grade"; instead of editing the timeline clips and using only one adjustment layer? I'm relearning all of this and very new to the craft of video editing. Thanks for your help.

  3. Note: if you have a fresh install of FCPX and you don't have anything in your Motion Templates folder, make sure to add the Titles folder. After adding the Titles folder, select it, press cmd + I, and under Name & Extension tab, make sure to add .localized to the folder name, so it becomes Titles.localized, it will hide the .localized part when not in Get Info tab. Make sure to restart FCPX after having copied the Adjustment folder into the freshly created Titles folder. This way, your FCPX will recognise the folder for sure. 🙂

  4. Hi Daniel- many thanks for a great video…can I ask (as a newbie) why do we add an extra colour correction layer to adjust each element- why can you not just do colour/saturation and exposure on the same colour correction layer?? Sorry if I am missing something!! cheers and thanks again for this wonderful resource!

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