Happy 4/20. Problems In The Grow Room Day. 42 Flower.

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  1. Yeahhhhhhhh alrightttttttttt nice very nice wassup my sorry for them bugs think you will be good until harvest plus you taking care of the problem or at least slow them down garden looking amazing them bugs can be the reason why buds smaller this round buy still looking amazing happy 423 bless up nuff respect cheers and growers luv

  2. hope you never get thrips, damn i hate those little buggers im dealing with them right now. i think adding a few inches of sand ontop of your soil will help with bugs that need to move into the dirt for procreation. best of luck with your issues!!!

  3. Mint dr bronners. A few drops in a spray bottle work wonders for mites and it is super gentle on the plants. I don't have a specific dosage amount per liter or anything. I fluctuate from a few drops to a small spoonful per gallon. I spray every other day alternating with water. The amount I use depends on the severity of the situation. It's great for prevention too. I use it once or twice a week up to halfway through flowering just to be sure and the plants love it. Good luck! I know how tough it can be to lose amazing genetics.

  4. Ps. i just fought of small flies. They lay egg in the top of the medium. Real pest. I soap-watered and used a pestcide a couple of times and then sprayed massive amounts of water a couple of times cleansing of the products. I hope i am fine now.. Take em home, BLG – then big cleaning after harvest! Edit: die evil pests πŸ™‚

  5. Happy easter, bro. Fight this and you will still do good. Looks amazing otherwise. You could be right though – the small fuckers have been there for a while. I see you have gotten many "solutions" in the comments. (BIG UP, PEOPLE) you have awesome followers. Cya soon BLG : )

  6. Sorry for the root aphids brother!! I am surprised because your medium looks dry, I think you let your pots dry before feed but not sure the root aphids can sustain themselves in the dry environment, any way I would suggest from now on you use Gnat nix on top of medium all the way through the life of the plant that will stop them from ever getting into the medium highly recommended and with cloth pots they can't get in only from the top. You may take a tool and dig some medium out on the edge of the pot and look at it with your jewelers loop or magnifier glass to see what you can see. The plants look good on the screen they won't hurt the bud just the yield. Good luck brother!! Happy Easter!!

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