Grobo Unboxing and Setup

Here is the full run through on how to unbox and set up your Grobo with Stephen Campbell, Chief Horticulturist at Grobo. Still having troubles? Contact us at …


  1. I dont like the app down loading app sending and receiving data who knows what that app is really collecting….feds in there office monitoring your plant growth the app will notify them letting them know its time for harvest( arresting the grower) fuck this fake ass scientist wearing stupid ass long white jacket as if he cant demonstrate with out looking like a fucking dick weed with that bullshit modren scientist look complete gimmicky gtfoh you dirty devil, make me a box with a simple mechanical timer no blue tooth no app no regenerating online for shit you not gonna sell not one unit with your collecting data app from my phone going to the federally building, you gonna have to re invent a new grow box and fuck that app…

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