Good and Bad Stock Market News For The Marijuana Industry Legalized In The U.S – Stocks News

Read a couple pretty interesting articles about legalization in the United States Looks like Michigan allowed MJ to become legal for recreational purposes Great …


  1. so…. my opinion is the reason ND did not pass was because of the way the law was written. It allowed for possession of an unlimited amount of cannabis, which many people didn't like. Also, it allowed for people with past marijuana convictions to be automatically expunged. And that caused a lot of political friction. My opinion, it lost because of how the law was worded… and would likely have passed had it been written like most other states'. ND doesn't really have that large of an economy or population, so even if they became the one oddball state out of 50, It probably won't affect things too much.

  2. It's a total mess in the US right now. However, don't worry about it. Long-term this will be forgotten because weed will become legal anyways. Just search for stable companies with stable balance sheets and great vision for the future.

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