1. this is how HBO sees us:
    Season 1: they love Ned stark, kill him!
    they have a new favourite, its Khal Drogo, kill him too!

    Season 2: (they're heartnroken, stop the killing for now)
    Season 3: they love Robb Stark and his wife, kill them both!Oh nd don't forget his mother Catelyn Stark
    Season 4: Nobody likes Joffrey Baratheon,get him out of sight
    Kill Jon snow's love,Ygritte!
    Time for Tywin to retire, get him a place to sit and die
    Season 5: kill Ser Barristan Selmy, he's a good man they won't mind

  2. That last bit with Brienne yelling her command is a tease for something charging at them from the darkness. It's probably going to be an undead giant, mammoth, bear, or creature like that but what I'm really hoping for is a charge by a few white walkers with their packs of pale spiders big as hounds.

  3. I just got this idea, concerning Jon's "The night King is coming" and Daenerys' "The dead are already here".

    What if this is Jon and Dany arguing over where it's better to put the dragons during the battle. Jon is claiming that the night King is coming, and that the dragons therefore should be in or near the Godswoods, where Bran is, and where the night King will most likely show up sometime during the battle, at least according to the plan, while Dany is arguing that the dead are already there, and that the dragons could be of more use fighting the thousands of whights, who are currently killing a lot of their friends on the battlefield. If they put the dragons in the Godswoods, more people could die than needed, since the dragons probably could take out a lot of them, but if they put the dragons on the battlefield, they may not be able to get to the Godswoods in time, once the night King shows up to kill Bran.

    I'm probably not the first one to get this idea, but I haven't seen anyone else say it, so I'm just going to.

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