First Impressions: Cannabis (CBD) Infused Beauty & Skincare Products | Boxycharm

Cannabis being used in makeup products is on the rise. It works with the body’s receptors to do several things, like repel stress, reduces pain and inflammation, …


  1. I love that Boxycharm is bringing these things into our boxes. I’ve wanted to see if the CBD products are worth the hype. Definitely want the perfume or skincare oil/cream. The makeup seems weird – probably wouldn’t use that at all. Definitely digging the PTR or Kiehls the best!!

  2. Would love to get the primer, mask, oil. Love cbd❤️ Wasn’t feeling the perfume or lip gloss but mascara I would try. And Jonny’s cream I would also try😃 really excited! Hope some of these are in a 📦💗💗

  3. I SO hope these (esp'ly the mascara, lip gloss, & perfume!) come tumbling out of my next Boxycharm! I've used CBD products before, so to those who feel nervous about "using" (so to speak) – it's been said, but needs repeating – this will NOT make you "high" – – you won't get a buzz from it, you won't flunk any drug tests… RELAX and … bring it on, Boxy!

  4. Oh WoW!😶speechless who new CBD in the beauty world 🌎 hmmm ?! I like the vlog and the ingredients for each of the products I’m still at a WOWW! Definitely intrigued you’ve just won a sucker in buying 🍭 thanks boxycharm 📦

  5. Be careful if you get trusted for work or any other reason products with cbd or hemp oil in it WILL cause a false positive basically making it look like you smoked weed! Just an FYI

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