Fatman Beyond on 420! Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, Rise of Skywalker

Kevin Smith is back for Fatman Beyond at the Scum and Villainy Cantina on 420! Kevin and Marc dive into Jay and Silent Bob Reboot and Star Wars: The Rise …


  1. Wtf I was so excited for swamp thing… one of my favorite all time stories from Alan Moore. Though the show looks like it’s telling the Rot story line from the new 52. Had potential. Thanks DC🤮

  2. it was bogus, that they brought Kevin a game and one for the crowd, but not one for Marc. They lowkey pissed off Kevin because he blew up their spot real quick, and they both kept doing it, too!!! I'm glad they did it too!

  3. See, Kevin Smith can't be objective when criticizing movies. He has to work with these people to put food on the table. Marc Bernardin levels criticisms at movies , but its under the delusion that HE personally could have written a better version of said movie. They are both at extreme ends of the spectrum and both are toxic and intolerable. They need to find some middle ground and be real for a minute when discusding pop culture. Smith put out a page ad in the Rolling Stones defending GIGLI, for Christ's sake. Lol. Anyway, there is "good" fan service and there is bad fan service. "Bad" fan service is when you put forward a meeting or easter egg fans will like while using it as a crutch to distract from a poorly written movie. Bad fan service is trolling the internet forums and picking a popular fan theory for the next chapter of your franchise instead of actually having an original vision of your own. Lately examples of the Good spectrum of fan service are Avengers Endgame , and the after credits scenes in every Marvel movie. Or Stan Lee cameos. Bad fanservice is like bringing Gendry back to Game of Thrones. Pretty much the last 3 seasons of The Walking Dead has been bad fan service.

  4. So I just watched the episode where you guess starred on good mythical morning with Rhett and link again and I realize something you totally miss the opportunity when you said I know a thing or 2 about comics you should have said I know a thing or new 52 would have been a great DC reference

  5. Got the Dc app and watch it on my pc and phone. It's really good with me re watching with my son batman the brave and the bold.

    I have issues with Titans but it's good. Then they added young justice season 3 which is why i bought the dam app lol.

    However Doom Patrol is the hidden gem. I didn't know this was coming and it's fucking amazing. So much comedy and the effects are great which yeah this shit isn't cheap.

    So i hope something good happens with swamp thing because after Doom it's like wtf there is so much potential with this app.

    They also keep adding new comics to the library and shows like Krypton.

    The app was worth a year purchase from me idc

  6. Explaining all the content on Disney+ is exactly why DCUniverse is failing. They dont even give you all the DC content, and its been several months. Personally, im giving serious consideration to dropping Netflix after they cancelled DD and Pun. Streaming still wont kill cable because you still need internet

  7. Seriously Marc and Kevin should try to do Sandman, they both compliment each other so perfectly and them put together on a project like that could really be something special. I know they can't just do it without permission and Kevin's even had problems doing things he himself has created. So if not Sandman they could obviously do something else or completely original.

  8. Not sure how I feel about mark complaining that AT&T isn't going to milk me for more money. But what should I expect from a guy in the industry? This is why people don't bring Mark board games.

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