1. Dude, I feel so bad saying this cause I really do think you're hella rad but your content has gotten so dry!! You have been doing the same shit over and over and it all leads back to promoting yourself or companies to make money. C'mon now….don't let this shit get to your head.

  2. I recently found your videos and your voice is very calming for me. I think it's because you speak as fast as I do. I listen to your videos at night so that I can calm down enough to sleep.

  3. In my personal experience, cbd oil doesn't help me with my anxiety or depression at all….but it did benefit my mom so I suppose each person is different.
    No I'm not hating of the usage or saying it doesn't work,I'm just saying my own personal experience.Dont get me wrong,it slowed my mind some but it didn't ease me or relax me….if that makes sense

  4. CBD has definitely helped me a ton with anxiety/pain. It didn't completely take away the anxiety or depression but I can definitely tell a difference between when I do and don't take it. I feel a lot more calm and like I can deal with things a bit easier. Plus it has helped with various pain I'd been dealing with. I try not to take it every day because it's a bit expensive, so I mostly just take it when I have to go to work or leave the house. Just wish it wasn't so expensive.

  5. Could someone please HELP!!! So basically I got depersonalisation from weed, I am wondering if CBD would help with depersonalisation?? As I assume that I got depersonalisation from the THC and not the CBD??

  6. I wish this stuff was available in Australia! SSRIs never worked for me, and I have a chronic health condition (seperate from my mental health), I feel that CBD may help both but our govt is so strict on what “drugs” can and cannot be sold here 😞

  7. When I take cbd I imagine what I feel is what people without anxiety feel like on a regular day. I feel so at ease and relaxed I almost feel high. But high in the most normal way possible. High on life, if you will.

  8. You always upload exactly what I need at exactly the time I need it. Really, thank you, Anna. I’ve been considering this for a long time and I think it’s time I pull the trigger and finally buy some.

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