1. I haven’t smoked in three years, I stopped on 20/4/16 Thanks to the Arizer air and extreme q I’ve stuck with vaping and edibles….Would recommend stopping smoking till your craving stop and your lungs will thank you πŸ˜‰ keep it up doctor d from Edinburgh!

  2. should give us a list of your best sativas,Hyrbrids and indicas would be a interesting video maybe throw a few of your favourite extracts in there been watching u for a few months now denz every video is a must watch

  3. All I can say I've been dying to try some of these products of most of the people who advertise themselves on Instagram I never seem to get any reply back to them so I don't see a poin of wicker. I just stick to growing my own mince don't have to rely on anyone or gets scammed and ripped off. And I would never pay Β£25 for 3 grams of something that contains no THC that's just a rip-off

  4. I might start in cbd in the morning too as I do smoke for medical reasons and sometimes blasting an indica in the morning just ain’t the one I can’t get nothing done haha

  5. What about vaping. I started with an iolite which was okay a bit plastic then got a volcano which is brilliant and seems to make your bud last ages

  6. Good luck with stopping smoking denz! I've stopped smoking flower and cigs and the benefits have been indescribable. I also am trying to stop dabbing aswell over the next couple of days but we shall see how it goes. Ingestion/edibles are going to be my main source of THC. Take it easy brother βœŒοΈπŸ’š

  7. I don't see the point as cbd doesn't have as much affect as you think it does what's the point in paying to smoke something that's just not affecting you and also saw you at Hyde park was an amazing day

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