Alfre Woodard Interview on Sway in the Morning

The talented, Alfre Woodard made a stop on Sway in the Morning to talk about her newest role on Netflix’s “A Series of Unfortunate Events,” based off the 13 …


  1. My most favorite role I seen her in was Crooklyn! 'Cause she resembled my aunt Mildred and also died of cancer, and her husband in the movie [Delroy Lindo] also ironically resembled her husband as well, plus she also only had one daughter (but 2 sons)!

  2. Some Black females boycotted Luke Cage because the main actor Mike Colter in real life is married to a white woman but they didn't say a word about Alfre Woodward who's been married to a white man for over 30 years, who's in the same show Lol when will this double standard hypocrisy come to an End? The same black female's who boycotted Luke Cage can't wait until Scandal comes on Sunday night lol

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