7 Weed Tips You Need To Know Before Buying Weed

This video is on the top 7 weed tips you need to know before buying weed for the first time. If it is your first time buying weed there may be some weed tips you …


  1. Course they want to talk to you they want to know who you are. Cops cant smoke weed legally but imformants can. A cop can also lie to you about being a cop as long as they're not on duty. Stay smart be informed!

  2. Where I live weed is sold where Jules are sold. Like electronic stores for some reason. They have pre rolled joints, but you have to be 21 to buy them and I’m turning 18 in June. Idk if I should just go in and buy a joint. Idk what happens if I were to go in and they realize I’m underage. Like will they arrest me? I’ve only had edibles and I want to try smoking.. any tips?!

  3. Ey bro when you know you can’t make a vid the next day just make 2 in a one day or just spend a one day making like 5 vids and upload them whenever u cba to make a vid.bro keep up the great work you already one of my favs I subbed

  4. Currently smoking at lucky landing nobody go’s their, hopefully an default doesn’t camp in a bush and fucking throw my ass off the map

    Sorry for the fortnite shit☝🏽

  5. I thought I was done with all your videos (I've been watching you since 10pm and its deadass 3:30am in my country{Kenya}) but I saw this video and I was like SHIIIIIIITTTTTT! I HAVE TO WATCH THIS✨I'M A NEW FUCKING DUCKK

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