X-Max V2 Pro Vaporizer Review – short&sweet

Hi Guys! Here’s our short review of the X-MAX V2 Pro Vaporizer! The X-MAX V2 Pro is a pen-shaped vaporizer that very much resembles a regular e-cigarette.


  1. Why isn't there any white vaping smoke coming out of my vape ? I have the same one but it felt like I wasn't inhaling anything. I didnt pack it too full , and the temp was set to medium (200°celcius)

  2. DO NOT BUY, litteray broke down after a week and they wont take it back because i've used "Illegal substances" with it . I bought on amazon after watching this video

  3. Another cool thing are the attachments they make for them. You can buy a glass mouth piece, water bubbler mouth piece, and there's a 14mm glass adapter so you can slide this onto a bong! =) And you can even use something like the pinnacle pro attachment with the 14mm adapter and it attaches the bubbler right to it.

  4. Now this pushed my hand on whether or not to get it. I like the rounded out review, not something overhyped, and you guys did a very well rounded review that addressed all of my questions. I'm certainly going to by the vaporizer

  5. Ive had this in heavy use for a year now and it is great, simple to use and clean, dropped it couple of times pretty hard and still works perfectly fine, if you are trying to decide on a vape this one is a safe choice.

  6. I ordered it, I had a flowermate that was broken after 3 months (battery) and I was looking for a device for exchange. Not even Migthy has replaceable batteries. Then I found this, I'm looking forward to the vapen.

    Ask :
    1 . How long does it take to charge without a battery charger? (USB)
    Nice Video btw …

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