Come along with me on a Sunday as I cook and clean and get ready for the week. I am also making maid rites, or loose meat sandwiches in the Instant Pot.


  1. Love your channel Jen! I find your content so relatable. I’ve worked as a full time Speech Language Pathologist since my kids were born and watching you do your thing on the daily (meal prep, kid time, family time, house cleaning, running errands, taking kids to evening activities, going to book club, and the EVER important brewery visits) continues to give me motivation. Although my kids are a bit older ( now teenagers) some of these working mom weekends still look the same (with a bit less laundry and driving around town). But I truly miss it! You have a new subscriber :).

  2. Ah Kiera!! I swear, that child glows!! That purple was a great color on her! I wish I could send you some San Antonio breakfast tacos! I like to print out my internet recipes too..the sheet covers keep things so tidy! Hugs to Murphy!!! ♥️🐾

  3. i’ve read all the Harry Potter books and so has my son. We.loved them and we saw all the movies several times.

    The snack box looks really cool. I’ve had a few of those too – the Hippeas, RX Bars, Kind Bars, Clif Bars. All good.

    I’ve made Maid-Rites b4. we loved them. Sometimes we don’t get everything done that we want to. It’s ok.

    I don’t think that Patton’s wife killed herself. She was working on that book when she died and he said that he wanted to make sure that it got published so everyone could read her book. here is an article from The Today Show that says something about it and also shows that they found the guy.

  4. Michelle McNamara died from an accidental overdose from multiple medications and a heart condition. As a true crime lover, I must share my knowledge. My husband says I overshare true crime facts and that is why we do not have friends lol.

  5. Yep, I am binge watching as I cook and clean today getting ready for family dinner tonight. Did you know that Dawn dish Detergent takes grease out of clothes too and it costs less. I keep it in my laundry. Add a little Detergent a little water to the stain. Scrub or rub the fabric to distribute through the fabric. Let sit a few minutes before throwing in the wash. Have you used this one as a stain remover? 1 Cup sudsy amonnia, 1 Cup original dawn, 1 Cup water. Stir to mix or gently agitate in a spray bottle to mix. Works great. Doesn't have as many chemicals as store bought stain removers and is inexpensive. My cousin told me this one and she found it on the internet. This one really does work pretty well. Have a great day!

  6. Keira is the perfect age to be starting Harry Potter! I’ve watched the movies several times over the past 10 years but only started reading the books (via audible) this year & from book one, chapter one thought to myself “Why did I leave it so long?” The books are amazing!! Oh & by the way I’m 56 years old lol which proves, you can be ANY age to love HP ❤️

  7. Keira is so pretty – just like her Mommy! 🥰. My 10 year old also decided that she is over dance this year. She’s more focused on choir and wants to get back into swimming. She’s also enjoying yoga!

  8. Kira looks so beautiful for her pictures 💕 Connor with his kinetic sand and Murphy comment 😂😂😂😂
    It would be so fun to watch an unboxing/review on that snack box!
    Thank you for another fun video! 🙌🏼

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