Wild Dolphins Help Fishermen and Get Rewarded | National Geographic

According to a new study by National Geographic grantee Mauricio Cantor, there’s a tight social bond among wild bottlenose dolphins that hunt fish alongside …


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  2. If they could develop a way to train the dolphins to help with cleaning up waste in the oceans (bottles, plastic, etc) that would be interesting. Although not their problem, but, they're dolphins, they don't have anything better to do! Ha!

  3. It's beautiful for sure and dolphins have a history of helping the human including saving from drowning, unfortunately human waste destroy their habitat, that's a unfairness treat to a partner.

  4. Utter Unspeakable Genius!
    This bond should be there all over nature as this is one of the most beautiful things that can be offered around the planet. A commensalistic bond (where two organisms are both benefited)is what we can all wish for in this ever-changing planet.

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