UV Grow Light Comparison (AgroMax vs Hortilux vs ReptiSun) UV-B Potency

Check out our T5’s here: Pete talks about UVB light in your garden and compares the UVB output of four popular grow lights that gardners …


  1. As far as using these on resin producing plants, do you have any suggestions as to what stage of flower these lights should begin to be introduced?

  2. These UV bulbs have helped me tremendously. I stack em in the corners of my tents. I also use the power veg pure FS UV in conjunction with pure par 420 and 460s in my veg tent alternating them with the UV in a 8 lamp fixture. And in flower I use the pure bloom 633s and 660s. I was hesitant switching over to LEDs 4 years ago from HIDs but T5s in conjunction with LEDs is producing higher yeild better quality better taste more resins. The BIAX TEK lights are awesome too.

  3. Does the Agromax Pure Veg +UV come in 2ft? I'm looking at putting one a 4 lamp for the whole life span, so it doesn't seem like the Pure UV would be a good idea.

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