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  1. What about the episode where they played pictionary? That was incredibly hilarious!😂 or even that one when sheldon consumed coffee, or when drunk sheldon sung all elements in the periodical table ?

  2. The panel at the end of the episode about the science conference is probably my favorite (The Love Car Displacement). Rick Fox really sells his character well and emasculates Howard just right.

  3. Sheldon is a good example of someone who has aspergers I’m not surprised no one has tried to kill him. Do you think Leonard Howard and Raj pretend or pity him.

  4. my most favorite big bang scene is, well there is 2, one is when Sheldon and Howard's dad are drinking beer, Sheldon is drinking for the first time, they are talking about Howard's mother, and they are also talking about clowns, and then Howard walks in to the room, sheldonnpoints at Howard and says, " and that's the clown that came out of her", and Howard walks back out of the room, and then walks back in seconds later with Bernadette and amy, Bernadette gets angry at Sheldon for making fun if Howard, and sheldon says, "she's looks funny when she's angry". My second most fav scene is from an episode that josh peck starred in(it's not only my fav scene because josh starred in it and I grew up watching Drake and Josh and still watch it, but also because I like the confrontation between josh's character Jesse and Bernadette).

  5. I have so much favourite moments of the show:
    Bernadette and Howard first date
    Amy and Sheldon had sex
    Leonard and Penny marriage
    Howard and Raj watching a horror movie
    Howard singing to Bernadette twice; Cheesecake Factory and the hospital
    Ah, The Big Bang Theory is a great show, it’s a shame that it will end

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