1. CBD helps my pain and sleep. It is from Hemp, http://www.jackherer.com You can get cold pressed CBD and I have homegrown organic. THC cures cancer and I use CBD and CBG for my pain and sleep. I used vaping to quit smoking and I don't use any tobacco products at all now. I have been an organic grower for 25 years, I am a self taught horticulturist, botanist, Mycologist, and Chemist that taught for 25 years on the internet for free. I know herbal cures instead of pharmaceutical Band-Aids that only treat symptoms.

  2. I agree with you MAG. I don't judge anyone who drinks, smoke weed, or cigarettes. I never smoked weed or messed with drugs. I quit cigarettes and the occasional drink over 35 years ago. Anything the government (IMPROVES) upon is dangerous to our health. They're always looking for new ways to kill us. 😣💥

  3. CBD = 9 in chaldean and 9 also in pythag all the same numbers in both numerologys. 9 is the devils number all day and can also flip to a 6. "CBDOIL" in chaldean = 27/9 with (69) 15/6 vowels and (3243) 12/3 consonants also have your number 9 and your coded 36's mark of the beast also. Mag spot on. I never thought of this that they would/could use another product. But given the Mag exposing all the other frauds and FAKERS on this BAM it is exactly what we would expect to see from the Devil poeple. Whats worse is no one will or could test this chemical especially if its new sht/sin-thetic etc. They fkin cold blooded. I hear HEAPS of poeple and see them on the chats pushing this oil in a couple of lives i have been in. People believe its the best thing but like the Mag say you cant get more then it make or is in an oil. No doubt they lacing it with morphine or opiates. Get the masses addicted and soon they will be calling this a major disaster. Who knows. Cheers Mag on.

  4. I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. Would smoking weed as a medicine help? Where can I buy the natural stuff? I've tried Hemp Oil [full spectrum/organic] but it doesn't help that much but it does make me a bit more relaxed.

  5. It's so bad for me now, that the nicer, or more fluent, or the more convincing someone sounds, the quicker I jump back calling BULLCHIT!! New and Improved!! Boom!! The new Craze!! How bout this. AS SEEN ON TV!! That makes it ALL true, legit and not to be questioned. Because it's ON THE PHUCKING BOOB TOOB, THAT'S WHY!! What the HELL was I thinking? I FELL for that more than once. I learned even why channels on the TV are called CHANNELS. Hidden in plain sight somewhere with dam near all of it. Geeeeeez……

  6. When everybody's jumping on the bandwagon about something watch out. It's usually a wrong thing to do and there's some kind of a trick in it. Safer to take the narrow Less Traveled Road. CAREFUL Mag. They gonna HATE you for this video. They hate to be BAMMED!

  7. If you're going to grow your own, please use organic NEEM OIL, which is a natural oil, as an insecticide and when you spray your plants you can use a few drops of citronella oil in the water. You can use humus soil as fertiliser. Then when you water your plants you can check the PH balance.. If it's too acid add bicarbonate of soda and if too alkaline, add lemon juice. #KeepItITAL 😍

  8. Don't Smoke Weed, Cigarettes, Alcohol Maybe A Wine Cooler Every Three Years,
    I Don't Take Nothing That Takes My Mind Where My Body Don't Follow. Love Is A Strong Addiction To Want But A Need, Is To Love Yourself!

  9. A lot of trolls are on all the channels Mag I have been following you since 2017 and didn’t even leave a comment until late last year. With that being said divide and conquer is what it all is I agree with this I don’t agree with that blah blah blah so again the oldest trick in the book works like a charm. I smoke everyday and my weed comes from 6 th generations of growers so they harvest their own seeds and marijuana. Much Respect Mag for what you do Bam on ! For the fakers the clock is ticking …….

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