1. I hear you man, I got to mentally checking out with oxy & valium.
    Nothing matters, but it is like stacking your problems on a shelf.
    Eventually it will break. I stopped the valium and really want to stop the oxy. Life turns into an empty clam shell on these drugs. You look good man, I hope you stay where you need to be, & thanks for the words.

  2. I stumbled on your videos while looking for advice on quitting kratom. I too used this to come off subs.The Lord has laid it on my heart to give this stuff up and finally be totally substance free in order to experience everything he has to offer. I know it was his hand that led me to your channel. God bless you brother, please continue with updates as I am about to start my kratom free journey soon. I just have to find the discipline to take that leap.

  3. Man, it's great to watch you grow and change! It's amazing how when we are ready, God reveals to us the things we always struggled to know. I am the same way about organization and laziness. My house is in need of major organizing and cleaning. Like you said, I have gone on sprees, but that isn't a lasting change. I need to start small and do a couple small things a day and by the time everything is done it will likely be a routine/habit. Thanks for making these videos, I know they are giving people hope. You are leading by example and that is the best form of inspiration and leadership.God bless you, my brother.

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