1. I am blow away that this lady puts just a hint of hemp seeds and call it a product of hemp. Like that roll was my guess 20% hemp smoothie the same and pancake same. When I eat a steak 🥩 I get 💯 stake not 20% stake and 80% other things. I sprinkle two spoons hemp seed on my salad 🥗 so shall I call it hemp salad now?

  2. Britain didn’t pioneer the use of hemp…maybe the Egyptians or some other ancient civilization, because hemp was around and being used for all the purposes stated since biblical times…Maybe google some facts before reporting on things?

  3. Hemp (Cannabis) is not free from THC, all plants have various THC levels, mostly its low, but they do all have THC, the seeds however are essentially free from THC.
    CANNABIS IN ITS ENTIRETY (Plants, Seeds) IS HEALTHY FOR HUMANS….. IT SHOULD BE LEGAL….. Nicotine/Tobacco, Caffeine or better yet Alcohol is unhealthy/bad for humans…. and that is legal… makes no sense….

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