1. I am trying it for first time, and I thought I got a bad batch of organic moringa powder but it is natural for this powder to burn a bit your throat and it is very strong in taste, now I see it is normal for this powder to burn your throat to the point that almost tasted the same as eating a spicy hot jalapeno chili pepper, I will recommend that if you are someone trying it for first time, start with a size of a tea spoon or smaller quantity to be cautious so you do not feel this unconformable feeling of burning your throat and feeling the taste very strong in your tongue. Try eating it with your meal or food definitely not in an empty stomach, also if you have stomach ulcers be cautious. I also found out that preparing it as a tea with boiled water , it was easier for me to drink it, did not taste as strong as in the raw powder form with just cold water.

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