Massive Illegal Marijuana Grow Operation Discovered In Riverside

Riverside neighbors reported a distinct smell coming from a nursery in the area leading authorities to discover an illegal marijuana operation with more than …


  1. Now that it's legal, you have to follow the regulations. There are grow limits and taxes have to be paid. Their pesticides and herbicides have to meet the safety guidelines and the workers have to have safe working conditions and fair wages. That's how business works in the U.S.
    Do you think they legalized it so ppl can sit at home and smoke blunts all day? No. They did it to ease prison overcrowding, regulate the companies who grow it and to tax and track the money flow.

  2. That was a beautiful grow. I feel so bad for the owners and growers. But come on…we all know fresh buds smell strongly. Why would you locate your grow op so close to a residential area ? 🤦‍♀️

    P.s. happy 420 yall ❤💛💚

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