1. "I think pot makes you a better person" 😂😂 I wish that was true for me. Truth be told most ppl that I know who smoke pot regularly, get cranky without it. And they're often the first ppl to leave work asap, so they can toke. Just my observation.

  2. Joe can talk all the shit he wants about cigarette smokers…


    I GUARANTEE YOU if every single time Joe purchased weed and it showed the dangers that weed can have on certain people I GUARANTEE YOU THAT Joe would STILL buy the weed.

    I like Joe's podcast but he can be EXTREMELY hypocritical a lot of the time.


  3. Weed makes you think you're aware of everything when in all actuality what happens is the flooding of the brain with dopamine unnaturally..
    People may say its natural…
    Smoking pot makes you dumb.
    I was a stoner for 30 years I would know

  4. my bro used to inject coke and there would always be like, splatters of blood everywhere from his needles, and this one time i came over to buy some coke and he was passed out with a needle in his neck, so i scraped up a bunch of coke off his wood table – which by the way had traces of blood in it, and i snorted it, and the next week i tested positive for HIV.

    I've been writing that all over youtube all morning

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