1. Your not helping when you still have a avenue where you can criminalize some one for the use of Cannabis and Marijuana and Hemp a fine only puts a band aide on the issue if you refuse to pay the fine and you are brought before a court then you must pay court costs and if found guilty you still are told to pay a fine it is placed on your record as a none felony but you can still be shamed and lose the right to programs and jobs and other things because of the fine it is a band aide and does not fix it you need to expunge records ALL records that are none violent and expunged and removed any convicted still for selling that cannot be proven as selling or growing needs to be expunged and removed for ever you need to focus your time on real crime not these that use a harmless plant that has killed no one.#Marijuwana #Laws #Expungment #SocialJustice #conviction #DrugConvictions

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