1. when you say that you cant use normal e liquid do you mean that it will not work or its just not ideal for quitting smoking? I recently got a juul for free and like the stealthiness and the convenience of it, but having to buy pods makes me not want to do that and rather just use something that i can refill with eliqiud

  2. Thanks for the great video 👍🏼 in my state they raised the age to buy juul products to 21 so it’s hard for me to get them 😕 . This really is great that the pods are refillable and last for a bunch of refills I haven’t counted how many times I’ve refilled I just know I’ve been refilling my pods every few days I go through 1 pod in 1-2 days depending on use and how thick the juice is and I only been refilling the same 2 pods for about 2 weeks and they have been working great and I’ve been refilling them everyday to every 2-3 days I’ve noticed my pods leaking I will try your method to prevent the leakage next time I refill 😀

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