How cannabis will make me free ? Powerful 420 Vibes Compilation ! [Bitcoin, Agrocoin, Crypto]

Except the tracks which are some of my favorites psydub sounds, it’s not the kind of content I am usually uploading here. However, it is not out of nowhere as you …


  1. Some additional information from the official Agrocoin/Agropot website.
    ""Agropot project was introduced at the UNESCO’s Forum of Public Policies and Innovation held last August in the Mexican State of Guanajuato.

    Within this month’s’ end, Agropot will open a physical store in Cancun for the sale of products arriving legally from Canada. “in Mexico only 1% medicinal purposes products can
    be traded, we are in talks with labs, authorities (COFEPRIS) and every entity involved to encourage Mexico’s opening” continued Domenzain."""

  2. The main offices of Agrocoin are in Mexico, Brazil, and Venezuela. Economically and politically unstable / failed countries. No thanks. Stick to music, money is not your thing.

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