HARSH Prison Sentence for Magic Mushroom Possession | TRUE STORY

Daniel Whitham shares his powerfully True story about getting a long term prison sentence for magic mushroom possession. FREE Guided Meditations: …


  1. HAHAHA 😂 You think the aussie government is gonna stop oppressing you if you ask nicely? This is why they took your guns. You can no longer defend yourselves, and now there's nothing you can do but bleet from your enclosure. "Only prisoners and slaves are disarmed"- a father of freedom

  2. This is an absolute disgrace! If regular people who aren't hurting anybody can be treated like this and have their carer's destroyed with criminal records under Australian Law, there is something badly wrong! Please look into this Australian government! Psychedelics like! WTF!!!!!

  3. Legalisize Shrooms ☆ illegalise Meat ☠ Or do a 14 day grape juice – Jesus water fasting and you will be legally like on LSD 🍄 OM. Become a Monk. Life is Devil

  4. That's some bad luck, I don't believe the shrooms weren't his though probably just has to say that for legal reasons, the law is ridiculous on that though, how can shrooms be class A

  5. Is he only out of jail because he was relocated to Melbourne and never returned to NSW (and won't be unless he commits a serious offence?)

  6. In USA between possession of between 2 and 200 grams ps. Cubensis is class 2 felony carrying 20 year sentence. Luckily my friend had a clean record in texas and was put on defered adjucidation probation for 5 years, 8000 dollar fine, and 300 hours community service. Best piece of advice; don't travel with your medicine unless you have a prescription.

  7. Psychedelics open up your mind to see the truth. Methintetamines and heroin block the truth. This is why the shrooms carry a heavier sentence. The man doesnt want you to see the truth

  8. I have a feeling that we're going to start seeing a lot more of this in the near future. As cannabis is getting more and more accepted around the world the cops are going to want something to replace it with. I think that thing will be mostly mushrooms since they are the drug thats going to be next in line for legalization after cannabis. Hell i just saw a video last night about a guy growing morel mushrooms, which are totally legal, getting investigated by the fbi.

  9. No one that lives in a country that has laws making it illegal to pick nature off the ground and consume is FREE… That goes for my country America as well we are far from being free

  10. When I told my mates what this guy got for a so called ounce of shrooms they simply laughed and didn't believe me. They watched this and thought oh shit we have to be me careful.

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