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“Thou shalt not masturbate” isn’t in the Bible. So, what are the 7 main arguments AGAINST MASTURBATION? LASTLY, can you tell the difference between …


  1. I will give you something to think about, I once sat outside with my sister's son, and I got a feeling in my heart of my cousin and then the thought.
    I immediately told him I am sure my cousin is gonna ask me to carry his father's coffin, He passed away that week. That same day my cousin phoned me and asked me.
    Whenever you have someone in mind or even look at a photo of them, you make a connection.
    Now you have received the Holy Spirit, and you are watching porn, what is happening in the spirit?
    When you look at a woman and lust, what is happening in your mind. If you undress a woman in the mind, some woman claim to feel that.
    It is like if you are rich, there will come a lot of temptations surrounding that area.
    Masturbating also comes with temptations, and temptation leads to sin.
    Just some food for thought.

  2. A fruit of the Spirit is self control. If you masturbate without a feeling defeated, ashamed and guilt and remorse then it's it's highly questionable that you're saved. A true born again Christian will hate their sin and ask God to help them repent

  3. Christian Standard Bible
    "When a man has an emission of semen, he is to bathe himself completely with water, and he will remain unclean until evening.

    Definition of: Unclean/Dirty

    "the company was fined for operating in unclean premises"

    synonyms:dirty, filthy, grubby, grimy, mucky, fouled, foul, impure, adulterated, tainted, tarnished, stained, soiled, begrimed, smeared, unwashed;More

  4. so,early marriages were helpful in this way….,you know to deplete masturbation and kind of stuff
    but nowadays without marriage what wou;d aa teen guy will do??? ( -_-)
    the one who created us all knows the best

  5. I have to go with the Bible and not your opinion. The Bible says many times that lusting in your mind is the same thing as commuting the act for real. When God says something multiple times, you can get it's important. I'd love it if you were right but I don't think you are. When I'm standing before Jesus on judgement day, and this comes up I don't want to say, Well Lord, this girl on YouTube said it was Okay. That'd go over real well.

  6. Masturbation for me is not lusting after any man or visualizing sexual scenarios, it’s just a physical relief which I need several times per month since Iam not married. I date, but I do not have sex with anyone unless I’m committed in that relationship. I have prayed to God about this, seeking answers if this was a sin or not since Iam a Christian. Thank you relieving my anxiety over this issue! ❤️ I just subbed to your vlog

  7. I remember watching this video some time ago and disagreeing with you now I think it's been almost a year, and I still do 🙂 it is a sin and and sexual act. You are not pleasing to God by doing this and quit questioning whether it's okay or not when the bible comdemns all forms of sexual immorality.

  8. I was in prison for 3 years. The few months i spent in the county, i felt an urge from the Spirit to stop masterbating for good. I use to do it every day. But I just felt at that moment God wad telling me "its time."

    From that day forward, I didnt masterbate for about 9 months. Then almost a year. I felt this wierd creative and spiritual power and clarity of mind at this time. Then one day I randomly did it in the middle of the night. I felt AMAZING but also the feeling of something leave my brain… It was wierd. & my creativity, spiritual revelations, and thoughts were blurred. I feel God gives supernatural power to those who keep the "temple" pure. Like the Spirit cam dwell there and manifest through it being that it is wholly holy…

    Now, since I got released, and access to porn is soo easy, I fall into it almost once a month. Its crazy because I feel shivers right before I do it. My heart beats fast and i literally feel "sin". I strive for that wholeness with the Spirit again… I will get there.

    What ive found is that in prison, its harder to get access to porn. Pics are really all you can get. So I never sought it. " If your eye causes you to sin, pluck it out…" Simply put, avoid sexual content/media like the plague. What goes in will store up and produce fruit/action.

    Yo. I struggle. We all stuggle with this but remember, God knows. And he loves you. Grace abounds. And as long as you keep fighting to overcome the temptation and not say" ill always be like this" God is on your side and you are winning. The day you say, I QUIT. Satan has won.

    God wants to dwell in us. Empower us. Do amazing things through us. But He cant dwell in a sin filled temple…

  9. Great elaboration! My question to you? Is on what name did you call upon to be saved? I’m still in depth research to know the only name in which you can be saved as “Acts 4:12”.

  10. All do it. If they say they don't then they are hiding it for the sake of being caught. It feels good and you don't have to suffer unto. It does relieve pain and stress. It's only when we are raised in thinking that it's a guilty sin that we all have anxiety. The way churches uses the word sin so much is for exactly the guilt so we punish our own selves. I actually have a happy day if I do.

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