Sri Lanka – What the Government & Media Did After the Attack!

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  1. These attacks are carried out by the government to enact laws stripping the people of the few rights that they have left, just like in America. All governments around the world are working together to keep the people enslaved cause they all allow a Rothschild's central bank to control their economies.

  2. The newest "common thread" these latest over seas "attacks" have is locking down the internet, practice runs for the big show going down here in the near future. Government wants Brian off the air waves, government does not like being transparent let alone exposed…

  3. The Jews are pushing for a war between Muslims and Christians by working to help all western countries borders and mass immigration to all western countries with the exception of Israel ..then when the West hate the Muslims so bad will be silent as the take over Syria, Iran, Iraq to create the greater Israel

  4. Some people did some things that killed some people. So because that happened we are not allowing you access social media just in case some people might do some thing like lie about what is going on in order to control the reactions of the zombie masses. πŸ˜΅πŸ™ŠπŸ™‰πŸ™ˆ

    Yes wasn't a radical Islamic group that bombed these Christian churches it was science fair projects gone wrong. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚

  5. They will persecute you as they persecuted me.. Rejoice in this because your on the right path keep the faith because it's them who is afraid.. They attack because they know they are already defeated.. Amen

  6. Most suicide bombers are offered incentives…like we will take care of ur family…bring them up a class for eternity…AND when U get to heaven…oh boy ur gonna LOVE it!!

  7. I predicted this in Sri Lanka 30 days ago. I was on a Food video in Sri Lanka (crabs…Sri Lanka has gigantic crabs) and I told one of the commentors who was living there. Watch out for the Zionist bankers soon they will be there and doing false flags. The guy commented back that I should slow down. Well yesterday I commented… I TOLD YOU SO. Christians make up 5% of Sri Lanka and Muslims make up 7%. of the population . There is very little or no animosity between the 2 sects there. This was done by Muslim mercineries paid in full by the Mossad and or CIA just like Osama Bin Laden was …Osama full CIA paid in full fall guy. FUCK THE ZIONIST FAGGOT TERRORISTS.

  8. The TINY Muslim community and foreign fighters in Sri Lanka never targeted tourists or Christians. They actually hate the Buddhists, not the Christians. The Christian community is small and the government believes that the terrorists had to have overseas links.

  9. if these things were real.. they would blow up politicians, lawyers, bankers, doctors..and THEIR places of congregation… banks, law firms, government bldgs and abortion clinics…
    ..not churches, mosques or temples dedicated to worship of the Creator….and his Believers..
    ….everytime innocent public, or Believers of ANY faith are being targeted.. its always the Atheist-Satanist-Zionists.. ALWAYS!,,

  10. I'm like you. Who knows if that's a fact. Although here we go again. They go by the numbers. In some cultures they go by a symbol for meaning. The Queen and her mafia go by numbers. This year is the 8. I've seen them use many same children in many events. Is this one real? That says, 8. With that fact I myself know who is responsible. Now, who or whom did it or not? No facts to prove that. Although when it comes to the number system. That is always a perfect match with the Queens mafia. Every time. Sad. Although she did say that on live TV. Bring up the Hope's of the public and then smash them and they sit back and lol. Example. Princess Diana. No she never died in that car crash. It was staged. Not even her real name. She is a Rothschild. At her funeral if you can, go back and re watch it. This time only watch one person. Prince William. He is having a time of his life. He is lol at the public while everyone is crying. Why. He knows for a fact his mom is still a live and it is a sick joke played on the public. Dont troll me on this fact. Just go rewatch it for yourself. Thanks for this info. These people can not be helped. Yet they demand us to call them leaders and gods.

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