Michael Jordan's Best Play of Every NBA Playoff!

For 13 post seasons Michael Jordan put on an amazing show for the NBA and its’ fans. Watch the best play of every single post season Michael Jordan has …


  1. They keep referring to MJ's "Push Off" of Bryon Russell in the NBA Finals like it would've made any difference….I mean, if you look at that play both at normal & uptempo speeds, you'll see that MJ crossed him over good & still would've got the shot off…"The Push off" was overkill & probably did make Russell slip, but he still wouldn't have got to MJ on time anyway!!!! Furthermore, if MJ only just crossed him over, that play in & of itself would've still looked awesome as an highlight💯

  2. As long as i remember…
    33 Bird is from Celtics
    32 Magic is from Lakers
    23 (45) Jordan is from Bulls
    24 (8) Kobe is from Lakers
    21 Duncan is from Spurs
    ## (#) James is from???


  3. das ist der beste basketball aller gezeiten. junge, mit händen etwas halten, springen und irgendwie da hinein bekommen. tut mir leid. kein respekt dafür. millionen omas holen täglich ein glas marmelade aus´m schrank. absolut sicher schwieriger.

  4. Notice how when MJ jumps, the defenders who jump at the same time, if not a micro second before him always land while MJ is still in the air… thus Air Jordan… Mean on the ground, mean in the air… a destroyer, who smells blood even before you start bleeding… and goes for the kill. That’s what sets him apart, up there…

  5. It was the era of the 90 s, when both bread and spectacle, but without excessed. We enthusiastically watched such great ones as M.Jordan, M.Schumacher, T.Woods and warted to be like them. Not born in Russia – this civilization can not give anything 😭😰😢😞😥❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️

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