Marijuana Stocks To Buy May 2019🌿

Charlie goes over the Top Five Marijuana Stocks to buy (with a plan) in May 2019. He will be discussing exactly what, how long, and what strategies you can use …


  1. Love your videos, not only for beginners. Love your picks. I have done well % wise, testing your calls…. still watching icpt for that swing, lol but it broke to the downtrend.

  2. The one thing this video didn't touch on was that CGC is up 20% since being added to Canada's nasdaq. ALEAF was just added, so an uptrend is imminent, but one can only speculate how high the uptrend will go.

  3. If your interested in weed stocks. 3 words
    "The chart guys"
    Charting man Dan is Jesus when it comes to these stocks. Not too take away from zip trader but MJ stocks are the bee's knees on "the chart guys"

  4. Hey charlie love the videos as usual man! Do you mind maybe making a video on how to setup your Webull account indicators? Having some trouble with making the rsi look like the one on TOS with the line at 70 and 30 to show overbought and oversold. Keep up the good work, can't wait to see the channel grow!!

  5. Once again you Ace it for all the trader a great Video I Thank you a lot I belive your outstanding experience and knowledge in trading skill it's ready to be put in books capture the opportunity and sell millions of books juts my 2 cent opinion Thank you a lot

  6. This is going to sound very, very stupid, but I'll ask any way, so please don't laugh.

    Is it legal to buy cannabis stocks in states were the actual product is… not legal?

  7. Most of these are green atm and i am looking at them to add to my portfolio update for next months video upload actually 🙂 i need some pot in my portfolio !

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