How I Use doTERRA Essential Oils as an Athlete to Manage Muscle Aches, and Joint & Ligament Damage

Love Exercise? Maybe you’d like to start exercising? Maybe you are having a hard time because of injuries and high inflammatory response? Well, it IS possible …


  1. Great info Kriquett. I use Copiba with the FCO to rub on my areas of pain. It does help. I have Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, & Degenerative Disc Disease. I have had surgery on my back which did help with that disc but have others that are bulging. I’m going to read up on the things you take and start some of those to see if they improve my stiffness and pain with Fibro. Thanks for sharing. I am subscribed so I get all the videos you release and they are very helpful. Keep on keeping on!
    PS – I have a hard time with scents. I can’t do many of them to apply to my skin due to allergies but I can do the fruit oils. I use the Lemon and Wild Orange in my diffuser. I’m going to get the capsules and take internally especially the Frankincense oil. Does it work ok if that’s the only way I can take it? Thanks.

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