Epi Be Gone – Weedcraft Inc – Part 16 – Gameplay Lets Play Walkthrough

Weedcraft Inc explores the business of producing, breeding and selling the giggle smoke in America. Manage all aspects of the business, legal or otherwise, …


  1. From what I have experienced from playing, blackmail, except when directed by the plot, is a waste of money. Money that could be spent developing strains that push out competition on their own.

  2. Man the music that starts around 5:17 to 7:32 is seriously awesome. It has that undercover/spy esque vibe to it. Like you’re going through alleyways and buildings while being chased by a shady group, fighting along the way.

    Which is crazy how well it fits in this game too and none of that is happening. I’ve spoken on this soundtrack and it continues to really be great.

    Congrats on your high tier product Chris. Looking forward to where it goes next.

  3. mr odd, your product's quality is not what you want because your growers don't water the plants enough.
    higher quality requires more watering per batch, so there's so much "do stuff" jobs they mess it up because it's kinda randomized.
    you might want to consider removing a few plants and add a water pump and/or CO2 generators.

  4. names for custom plants (dank meme) for tech bros. (sweet leaf) for the metal heads. (cardboard box) for the vagrants. (wool hat in summer) for hipsters. (Washington's secret stash) for ptsd patients.

  5. possible change, adjust grow and dispensaries. It looks like you grow soo much but have few places to sell. look at what you want to sell and design a strain for it.

  6. Start designing strains for everywhere similar to EpiBeGone. That way you wont have to worry about removing your competition, the quality of your stuff will do it automatically.

  7. Plz breed more Weed types, you can mutate Plants to do more yield, if you do all the Traits the câncer people like and 2 yield Bônus (+20%) you can sell 160g at 2600$

  8. Your expense for rents is too big, and your production Does not make good Profit. 1 guy per grower (Max of 3) and 1 seller (Max of 1) and one for research (Max of 1). And focus your Sales for the Ones that pay more (Epilepsy and câncer patients). They can pay 2600 for 160g of Weed. #Tip

  9. Just sell one type of Weed to epilepsy and one type to cancer patients. Just to legal Sales, you can make a lot more. You need 3 Buildings of all growers to sell to 2 dispensary.

  10. You got me roped into this game and I enjoy it so much

    I wouldnt have gotten it if it werent for you, Odd

    Any chances you gonna play the other scenario?

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