Easy Honda HRX Lawn Mower Surging Fix

Lawn mowers surge for many reasons, and before you go pulling apart everything like I did, try this simple fix. If it doesn’t work, you spent 7 bucks, but if it does …


  1. Killing time, I just watched your "Time to Winterize" video of your Honda which reminded me of Falling temperatures. I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and sometimes the late October when the leaves are falling, I use the bag on my HRR216VKA Honda and mulch the leaves. I have a question for you on your Honda in cold weather. My Honda lawn mower like yours has the auto choke. My Honda runs very slow, half speed until it warms up. Does your Honda do the same? Sometimes I put a bungy cord on it to run for 20 or so minutes in that slow speed until it warms up. I let it stop, then restart and it's fine after engine warms up. Just wondering if you have same problem? Only does it in late Fall when temperatures drop to 40's and below. I always use Sta Bel in my gas, plus use Sea Foam engine cleaner to clean intake and carburetor.
    Don Zelmer from Milwaukee

  2. My brand new 217HZA surged the very first time I started it. Gasoline is brand new, bought just for the mower. I took your advice and moved the spring to the second hole to get the proper RPM range.

    I'm actually Heinzkitz Velvet on another account. My phone uses that one and my computer here uses this account. I'm too lazy to bounce back and forth. Anyway, I've watched many of your vids on your Honda. I'm rather fanatical about my mower. I have throttle control. Most don't. I don't believe in starting a cold engine and running it at full throttle. I don't do that to my truck. I won't do it to my mower. So I start it in full throttle to get it to fire then immediately throttle back to idle. She idles very smoothly for a few minutes getting up to temperature. Then I ease the throttle up and she runs smooth as silk.

    I think the surging on a new mower is nothing more than the auto-choke and the governor battling for supremacy over a cold engine.

  3. In America, we are forced to use ethanol in our fuel. Refineries formulate winter and summer blends. But both still
    have ethanol in them as an anti-detonant. Ethanol easily absorbs water making your engine run like crap.
    On these Hondas, there is a small drain plug on the round/silver carb bowl. Drain out all the old fuel at end of
    mowing season from tank and that plug. Also it seems that ethanol quickly breaks down the seals and gaskets
    in the carbs. Buying a knock-off non genuine honda carb from ebay will be hit or miss. Maybe buy a honda gasket
    kit, if your carb is still not working correct after pouring cleaner into fresh fuel in the tank.

  4. I put the spring on back hole as we talked and my brand new mower did same thing. I put back in front hole and it stopped. After watching this I wonder if it was bad gas from dealer seeing u did this first 3 hours oh use.

  5. Hey Grass Daddy great tip here! Was wondering, after watching all of your videos, are you a member of a lawn care forum called around the yard? I love how you put into action a lot of the same material covered on that forum! keep up the good work! learning a ton!!!

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