DynaVap Presents | A conversation with Landon Meske, GM of Knuckleheads

Retail Josh sits down with Landon Meske, GM of Knuckleheads Tobacco and Vaping. Knuckleheads has two locations: 550 State St, Madison, WI 53703 And …


  1. The 2019 M fucking blows. No airflow when the carb is engaged. I'm getting minimal production (and I'm straining to the point of popping a vein in my neck).

    The real downer is that you guys don't respond to emails.

  2. Since switching last June, VapCaps have reduced my consumption by 5g a week. Microdosing with Ti tips is where it's at. I save so much money, then spend it all on more VapCaps. 6 in the collection from tomorrow 😀

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