1. Had my 2018 lost it .. ordered my new one on Pre order on 2019
    Got 2 as promised was surprised 😂 so as CEO asked to give away one I gave the one to a friend
    Did not like the 2019 model
    So just ordered now the titanium xl it’s about time💪💪

  2. small tip: put the dynavap straight up, so on the top part of the cap, on a piece of metal… it will cool faster

    pro tip: put a strong magnet under a piece of metal and the dynavap doesnt fall that quickly (i'm using a flat metal cap, where the magnet sticks under)

  3. I just purchased the nonavong a few weeks ago, just bought myself the dynacoil and a spinning mouth piece for it, can t wait to vape concentrates

    Absolutely love your reviews dude keep up the great work

    Love from Australia 🤙🍁😍👽

  4. Love my 2019M, got the idea from that poll so thank you. Stopping smoking needed to happen immediately and this was the way I managed it until we get our taxes then I'm probably going to pick up a mighty as a daily driver and leave this one for portability or emergency. If I get an induction heater then I might just use this! Speaking of, has anyone tried to use the induction heater they use for dental instruments on a Vapcap? They're relatively cheap and available off the shelf on Amazon. I'm going to order one in a couple of weeks and see if it works I think.

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