1. Yeah, thank you mate for the review. I had had the full spectrum of CBD including the leaf itself to distilled in oils, balms, and edibles. I prefer the lotions. I have ALS and sore joints and all of them. A bit of pain for sure, I feel a tad bit better with it though

  2. Swear to God I'm in the same boat as you my friend….I was just looking for videos about CBD oil when I found this one…and I relate to you wholeheartedly I hope CBD can help me concur my anxiety….so yeah plz don't listen to the bullshit that these people are saying about you in the comment section (the ones that are being a asshole towards you) and yeah if you want keep me posted on your progress using CBD oil and how it helps you..ok bye πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  3. I'm taking 3000mg for PTSD, major depression, anxiety, and chronic neck/back/knee pain from military service. This tincture is incredible. I never actually tried CBD until I found your channel. I've been living in excruciating mental and physical pain for years. Thanks for helping me kick a bunch of my meds brother. Subscribed!

  4. Genuinely shocked by the comments here. Mate this is a good video, very honest and sincere. Well done to you my bro for talking about depression! Showing strength and it’s very encouraging to hear. Keep going G.

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