1. Bill abuses his credibility as a "scientist" far too often and this is a perfect example. He calls for solar energy to be the solution to the global energy crisis, but omits some very important details: where to store these millions of solar panels after they expire in 15ish years, what the carbon footprint is to manufacture them, and what types of materials are needed to make them and the carbon footprint of mining those materials. I wish he would compare solar to Nuclear (most data suggests that Nuclear is cleaner and more efficient than solar– check out NDT's star talk episode abt it)

  2. With current annual silicone production it's take, oh I don't know, roughly 800 years to make enough silicone to make 500 billion squared metres. Sure silicone production can be increased, but to what extent and keep in mind the solar panels need to be replaced every 2-3 decades and we're going to need a lot more of energy to to increase silicone production. So yes we can theoretically use solar power to generate 100% clean energy but is it the best solution.

  3. I have to agree we should not be doing what we are, burning fossil fuels. Like at all. We have the technology to pretty much just stop. It should be easy to find a way to store the energy.

  4. Elon Musk (and many others) cracked this a long time ago. The problem lies with the politicians and oil conglomerates….far too much money tied up in the existing arrangements……not that dissimilar to cannabis v. the pharmaceutical companies…..what can I say?

  5. I guess they are casually promoting Elon Musk.

    Like it or not the plan for massive battery stations are in the works. Lots of solar panels are being built and promoted.

    Works well as a backup solution when there are longer moments of power outrages worldwide. Putting the responsibility on the people and companies instead of the big power companies.

  6. Well that sucks.
    I honestly think Chuck is playing Dumb at this point.
    But Bill…ick.
    Like calm the fuck down…You're an engineer…not a scientist.
    And your opinion wasn't even yours to begin with.

  7. Democrats push solar a lot but if they got it they would then hate solar power, because the Republicans would take it over since they are better at governing, management and big business like they do with oil, gas and fossil fuels which democrats hate but would love if they were pink instead of black and smelled nice.

    How long would those solar panels in France last? How would you dispose of them? Who would build them in the first place? and their replacement and the replacements for those? I have a couple solar panels and I love them for small stuff like running electronics such as a laptop and chargers for tablets and phones. But with all those panels you would need 10x more large batteries. Who will build those? How long will they last and what country are you now going to commendeer be the land fill for used up batteries. Solar panels also require some special materials and chemicals that would quickly become too rare to use anymore.
    Is there any strucyure existing that gets 100% of it's power from solar besides greenhouses?

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