1. Nice video. Don't apologise for telling the truth. If people lose their motivation because you've said something they don't want to hear, then that's their problem. Do they think that becoming a pilot is going to be a walk in the park, and without any effort and dedication. If that's their mentality then they need to change their career hopes. Maybe look at sweeping the roads, or emptying the rubbish.

  2. Amsterdam, you've obviously worked very hard to get where you are, but wow you are one lucky lady! I stayed on the Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal (or Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal Boogey Woogy Woo Waar) as I called it.. Loved it… Artis, Neu Kirk,Dam square don't forget to swipe in and out (yes the trams)…. I think the word is Emulate (in English) … Lucky Lady…

  3. I'm sort of new to your videos … they are very interesting .. I don't pilot fix wings at all .. nonetheless its interesting as I look to make a channel for non fix wings wannabe pilots etc .. there is something eluding me … the peoples you're supposed to " Demotivate " ?? hows that ??? being a commercial pilot or even a private one … takes a hell of a lot of motivation ! If they are demotivated by your clips … maybe they should just concentrate to fly kites or maybe drones ? anyway .. have a lovely day and a safe flight …

  4. I guess it is nice to see you on here Michella as we need more female role models for women to take upthe profesion.
    I left one company last year as a cabin crewmember to join another in ops which happens to be staffed by Joe's old company Air Berlin.If you have chande i would like to see content about your aircraft and as i try to compplete my training too CPL/MEIR what the chances are of employment here in Europe whe you are slightly older and do not fit the mold of a young cadet.Dankuwel en Tot ziens,Seán

  5. you need Mathematics and Physics (and of course English).. my question is, to what level? High school..? or UK equivalent GCE O-level or A Level? if A Level, grade E adequate? and pass in English (as foreign language)..??

  6. For safety reasons you may want to avoid views from your window. A crazy person familiar with the area may be able to figure out which unit you are in. I hate to think that way but you kind of have to these days.

  7. Hello @DutchPilotGirl. thanks for your videos. I never thought one day I would fall in love with the sky, so I did biology as subject at University. Recently, I did an unforgettable flight with a friend in general aviation plane, and I decided to stop everything and to become a professional pilot. Unfortunately the flight academies do not want to take me for the ATPL, just for the CPL…because of my school subject. Any tips for me?

  8. Hello Michelle … Not your average viewer, I am near the end of my flying career. I burn holes in the sky in Cessna prop's from the c140 to the c208 and c210. Never liked 737 (JUST KIDDING) I always feel that they are going to TOGA just for fun and watch me get sucked in and become a model airplane, some assembly required. Love watching this channel.

  9. You are awesome , make useful motivated videos. I am quite obsessed with that please keep on doing such great videos as I want to be an airline pilot in future currently I am just 10 years old.
    I will provide you a simple gift
    at least with 3 more subscribers hope you like.😄😊

  10. I am glad you have addressed the educational prerequisites aspect of pilot training. In my view, it takes a certain logic and mental attitude in times of stress while in the air. Not everything is glamorous…but this is true no matter what job or passion people pursue. So, telling it like it is…is good. At the same time, you present a good mix of things in another part of the world while doing your videos rather than just classroom stuff. Great job and keep up the good work.

  11. excuse me, can someone explain to me about dutch is holland or german, because i read this article, dutch can refer to german and holland. i also already read, but still confused.

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