A look inside Mason County's newest high-tech marijuana growing operation

SHELTON (VIDEO) —Managing Member Steven Fuhr says cannabis grows faster at Toucan Farms because they use hydroponic technology. Fuhr took iFIBER …


  1. Zero air exchange. He said no vents anywhere. I especially love the frivolous tray of bleach that you dip your shoes in. What about the rest of your body? Bleach shower? This place is terrible.

  2. Wow you have no idea what your talking about, leave it to big pharma . First it's soil not dirt , also in a biological organic soil system you use less water then hydro and less inputs , if you wanna grow for taste and smell and potency then organic is the way . Hydro is way more wasteful and not sustainable at all .

  3. Just the kind of business (mico sized) that Ontario, Canada needs after Legalization on October 17. I'd sooner be legal than in the USA! where the fed can steal all your hard work and $.

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