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  1. There's a lot of things that need to go right to achieve your best yields and majority of the key factors to a good grow are on the gardener.. not the equipment used. I always assume the grower has sufficient lighting for the area being used.. I don't care what brand your rocking. I rather talk gardening and what needs to be done to set your self up for a great grow. I hope this video helps 😉 … also.

    Last weeks Clone to Harvest Video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s5lFqIhQPnA&t=19s


  2. Hey brother! Love the content! So well put and informative! Im hoping to try my hand at growing. But im having a hard time finding a reliable place to get quality seeds. Would love a point in the right direction :). Much love from a fellow Canadian, cheers!

  3. I'm new here… What do you do with all of this bud? Do you sell it? I am in the US so I dont know the laws in Canada, but if you are selling, I assume you need a license to sell? And are you a horticulturist? Great videos!

  4. MR. Canucks can you connect two different brand LED together through the daisey chain connection ? For example can I connect a vivosun 300 watt LED to a 600 WATT whatever light that isn't vivosun brand but has a daisey chain connection ?

  5. My plants always look perfectly healthy through veg and like half way through flower. About week 4-5ish flower my plants always seem to decline in health. They will get crunchy yellow brown spotted leafs. Dont always happen but seems to occur more than id like. Any suggestions?

  6. Hey Matt, have you ever had issues with your plants hermaphroditing after defoliating? I'd love to hear about your thoughts on cannabis hermaphroditism if you ever made a video about it.

    Great content as always, man. Really appreciate and enjoy your work and that you share it with the world!

  7. Hey Matt, how do the U.S growers get their hands on Gaia green products. I haven’t found a U.S based company yet. Also my local grow shop doesn’t carry it and is unable to get it in store. Been using BIOCANNA with great results but really want to try Gaia green for the ease of use. Any connections you know for Gaia In the U.S?

  8. Hey what part of Canada you from. I’m in Ontario. I just started growing again took sabbatical for about 15 yrs. new strains and other products available and could use some help

  9. Good tips all round. Just curious, you mentioned you use microbes to break down the amendments. Not sure if I missed the info, but what is your source for the microbes? Do you inoculate with teas or are they part of the amendments? Just asking because coco is an inert medium, no microbes. Obviously the results speak for themselves, just learning your method but missing a piece. Cheers, dude!

  10. Great video! People new to growing need to hear this. I think there is a huge misconception that anyone can just get some gear and grow like a pro. It takes time, understanding and practice to achieve great things. Keep it up✌🏻

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