#1 Skill To Have Full Self Control With Weed or Anything Else

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  1. You really motivated me to start working on my self control! I smoke at least 5 times everyday, this monday I’ll start by no smoking until the evening. Sounds stupid easy but I’ve tried to lie to myself saying that I would not smoke in all day, then thought about how horrible sounded and lit up a joint.
    You made me see I cannot lift 50kg weights with spaghetti arms. I need to start small.
    Definitely suscribing!

  2. Hey man, I found your videos from the r petioles reddit. It was refreshing to hear that you still smoke every now and then and occasionally on back to back days, but because you had exercised your integrity muscle, it was easy for you to say "its time to take a break again." I've been smoking off and on for 10 years, for awhile my usage was down because I was in the military ( I'm ashamed to say I still found a way to smoke for 6 of those years). I quit for the month of October last year and was pleased with the effects of my sobriety (after the no appetite and crazy sweating and anxiety went away). However after hanging out with an old army friend of mine, we sparked up and I went right back at it. Maybe I just really need to be honest with myself. Its ok to love weed, its not ok to smoke it all day every day. Thinking about getting myself a k safe just to at least get me on a routine where I don't smoke during the day. I work nights at my job so part of my routine is smoking when I get up which even changing that would be a great step forward. Love your honesty and emotion in your videos, keep it real brother.

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