How to yield more cannabis? Phosphorus is so important and the the soil, like our Fox Farm Ocean Forest and Fox Farm Happy Frog, nutrients you give your …


  1. I enjoy your commentary with this. You make good videos bud and grow some good looking plants…always love seeing more plants no matter how many thousands I've grown hahaha. Keep it going! I post more direct weed related videos when in Europe for Pharma Company

  2. Looking awesome my friend! 6oz is definitely a decent target to hit with anything over that a bonus. The watering techniques your using seem perfect. That’s the experience you have showing right there. What lights and wattage are you running? The plant is looking healthy for sureπŸ’―πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  3. Alright alright alright nice very nice they are getting big buds stacking up looking real frosty I'm loving it can't wait to see what week 8 looking like killer cookie sounds like death cheers homie

  4. Lookin good man. Cant wait till u harvest. I have the 3 part powder ff open ses. Cha ching n beastie bloomz. Tiger blood n grow big n cal mag are all i need in most cases. Looking dank man

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