Whats a WAX BLUNT?!?! (Wax Blunt Roll Up/Smoke Up)

Check me out as i wax up my blunt! Watch me roll this bad boy from step 1 to finish! GET UR GLASS BLUNT STUFF HERE!!


  1. Hey whats up channel creator🤟🏼 thanks for the video. Just a lil tip you should really cut off the rest of all paper so you could taste how dank your weed actually is or just so you wont smoke so much nicotine paper or whatever. Like i said this is just an advice nd my OPINION. You can smoke however you want brother. If you were to use the tip i gaev you, you would a much better smoke experience not so much harse smoke. Enjoy brother im smoking as well man, peace,love & notbing but prosperity to everyone reading this have a blessed day . Later fellers !🤪🤠

  2. Just found this channel I’d smoke up with you seem like a good chill dude who says it’s ya boii one to many times in this vid 🤣 nice video great potent blunt aswell I’ll support your channel and give u a subscribe

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