What the F#*% do we do? [Ep. 136]

Join us days from anywhere as we try and figure out what to do about Riley’s spinal injury. To say it was an emotional 24 hours is a huge understatement.


  1. I ended up with a similar neck issue due to surfing. I have No power to raise anything in my left arm any longer. Funny as my left hand and fingers are fine.

  2. Mate, you should've IMMEDIATELY taken one of the frozen Chinese takeaway meals from the freezer and applied it to the back of your neck. One thawed you could have had a nice meal which would have made you feel instantly better. PS I'm working my way through your videos so no one tell me what happens next.

  3. I know that feeling homey. I brutally exploded 2 disks out of my spine onto my sciatic nerve. Lost my left leg for 2 months not being able to walk more then 10 steps without having to panicly finding someplace to sit down. My leg and calf muscles turned to pure mush just flopping around like meat. Pins and needles numbness and intense fire burning pain. First time I ever pondered putting a pistol in my mouth. But 6 months later in walking again and manageable pain. Cheers!!

  4. I vs spent many nights longing for a view like that ….. As I'm troling for Wahoo or just fishing in general which undoubtedly is my life's passion. I would love to be there, you could say sailing is my passion…. But honestly I've never done it. That puts it at the top of my bucket list! Followed closely by one I recently checked off! Catching a fish bigger then myself ! Which I just did new years day in Florida! Goliath grouper. Over 180lbs.
    Truth be told I'm a bit embarrassed by my apparent lack of experience, despite feeling so "at home" on the water and in it, fishing,snorkelingdiving, however I'm proud to say that, the experience i may be lacking in sailing,i make up for in fishing! Not to mention,I've got enough fishing gear (Rods,reels,lures,line,hooksetc) to start a deep seas fishing charter. However,living in Arizona makes it difficult. So I have come up with the solution… Show me the ropes sailing, and I'll bring my gear and show you everything I know about catching?!

  5. Can anyone tell me how I can get that sweet hoodie that Riley has on towards the end there? Found hoodies online that are similar but this me had the scrunchie cuffs and it almost looks like it’s waterproof? Or is it just a regular hoodie? Can’t see that well on my phone.

  6. Riley, I am 63 I am now forcefully retired due to osteo-arthrytis and COPD (heart failure) I have neuropathy, a similar issue as you, weakened left-hand and arm strength, noticeable loss of dexterity and that damned tingling up and down my spine. I got them both when I was 14 playing football (they think), I don't care it's been a good life. I'm writing this because it sounds like you may be approaching a new point of perspective in life that I can applaud and possibly help you with. Wisdom comes in waves of experience, and you just had one, be wary, so did your wife and she will be scared to death for what tomorrow may bring. She's had you all alone on a boat to herself and yet shared you with the world in a singular experience of adventure. Now, you've literally been seduced by life and death and your mortality. You said it yourself. " I wish everyone of you could sit in my chair and see this horizon". That's deep stuff, God bless you both

  7. Safety and carefulness is important, especially at sea.
    One glaring thing I noticed was, when you were on deck leaving incapacitated Riley below, you really should have had a harness on,
    just in case.

    Good to see the harness and flotation vest in a later take.

  8. Hey Elayna & Riley! I wanted to point out a moment in this video that was SO heartwarming! I dont know if you noticed but when you’re singing n playin the guitar to Riley the way he looks at you love, that man is drop dead in love with you girl! Go back check out that scene and WOW his eyes lookin up at you are saying “how did I get so lucky” … you guys are absolute LEGENDS!!! #LaVagabonde

  9. To suggestions: get a collar from amazon (the kind they use EMT). Have dexamethasone on board (need large doses). Oh and xrays are a bit useless, unless you only want to see bones . I dont think they did the fexion / extension view to make sure your fusion is stable.

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