1. When I go to bed and the room is really dark usually I make out tiny rings that change colour and move around in a sphere all around me, without even continsly imagining it. This actually happens, I don’t know why

  2. Closest thing I’ve had to hallucinations is when I’ve woken up in the middle of the night to find random objects seemingly floating inches away from my face, like the most recent was a few nights ago where I saw what looked like a camera lens cover hovering over my face, before it floated off towards the ceiling and vanished.

    I heard/read that that sort of thing is tied to sleep paralysis, and if the objects weren’t always so bizarre, I’d probably be creeped out by them rather than just confused.

  3. Probably our primitive need to be creative and create ….. I always wonder if older folks hallucinating was the pineal gland slowly releasing DMT as the person is close to death

  4. Hallucinating is terrifying. I once was sick and I woke up wanting to check my tempeture I got up and went to the bathroom to get it, there was none I also checked were the medicine was but I remembered we were out. I went back up and laid down. I needed that medicine or a tempeture check though, my tempeture was most likely close to deadly high as I started to hallucinate, I saw random people that with my high tempeture I thought they were my family, they were about to give me a tempeture check but then I blinked or remembered they aren't real and then they disappered. I tried going asleep but I'll just see them in the blank canvas of my closed eye. This went on for 4 hours, 4 hours of people taunting me with a close to deadly temputure and I couldn't do anything and this drew me mad. I started crying and yelling but eventually they stopped. It was like sleep paralysis but even more scarier can't imagine what it would be like with non human characters

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