1. CBD definitely needs to go down in price. I think they have it so pricey because idiots think it's going to make them high and they want to capitalize on that. But seriously at the vape shop they sell little CBD caramels and they're 3 dollars for ONE piece.

  2. The misconception of mood enhancing drugs is that they make you feel euphoric. CBD is not meant to make you feel that way, nor are any other mood enhancing drugs. The real test is when you are put in real life stressful situations. If you react differently towards them than you would normally, the medication is working. This is why this kind of medication seemingly fails for a lot of people, because when what are considered 'side effects' wear off, we automatically assume the medication isn't working and request to up the dosage. Because side effects can give you that euphoric feeling, but it's only temporary until the brain adjusts. So we up and up and up the dosage to the point where our brains cannot handle it, and then the real side effects begin, and those can be dangerous. As a result, we give up and go onto the next medication, with the same misconception and the same pattern, and we never truly experience its benefits. Or, people will avoid them altogether, because they don't want to feel euphoric and in a haze all day.

    Feeling no changes is actually normal with mood enhancers. Feeling no changes but reacting less to stress, THAT is the medication working.

    Unfortunately, we live in a society where feeling intoxicated is normal, so it's hard for us to understand how something that is supposed to alter our mind and behavior doesn't have the same feeling we get when we're stoned, high, or drunk.

  3. when she said I feel like “cbd is for ppl who do not have a weed plug” I laughed so hard, bc I literally ordered cbd bc I cant find a plug but it definitely had a lot of health benefits too and took away my anxiety and stress and I loved that I don’t get paranoid. And my whole body just feels so relaxed but I’m not tripping

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